BMW Service Repair Mechanic Experts in Eugene and Springfield Oregon.

Eugene’s Professional BMW Technicians

If you are looking for superior BMW service in Eugene / Springfield Oregon, give Brooks Auto Doctor a call. With over 50 years of experience, we are the correct choice for premium service on your BMW.

BMW Services

  • BMW N20 timing chain
  • BMW N26 timing chain
  • CBS service
  • BMW Inspection 1
  • BMW Inspection 2
  • Brakes service
  • Cooling system service
  • Electrical system Diagnosis & repair
  • Scheduled transmission service
  • Performance service
  • Front & rear differential services
  • Xdrive transfer case service
  • Suspension service & repair
  • Oil leak diagnosis &repair
  • Check control message diagnosis
  • Electric water pump service
  • Pre purchase inspection packages
  • BMW TwinPower turbo service & repair
  • Motosport systems service
  • Advanced suspension diagnostics & inspection
  • Power window repairs
  • Engine diagnostics &repair
  • BMW complete clutch service
  • CV axle service
  • Driveline service
  • Keyless entry diagnostics
  • Steptronic transmission service
  • Service engine soon & Check engine light diagnostics
  • Heating & Air Conditioning diagnostics, repair & service

Advanced BMW Technologies

We maintain the equipment and technical expertise needed to accurately service and maintain your investment. Our consistent education allows us to stay abreast with the latest in BMW technological advancements. Our highly skilled technicians take pride in making sure that every service in your BMW is perfect.

Premium Long Care BMW Services

We perform a thorough inspection each time that your BMW is in for service. We take the time needed to make sure that unexpected repairs are minimized. Our inspection process allows us to intercept upcoming problems before they interrupt your enjoyment of life. Our service road map allows you to budget for upcoming needs instead of waiting for an emergency.

Eugene BMW Repair

Eugene and Springfield Oregon's BMW Expert Service Mechanics.

Fill out our “Request an Appointment” form to schedule a preliminary vehicle assessment, and see how our BMW repair services can best serve your needs. Simply describe your problem, and we will take you through our process so you can see the quality service our expert BMW technicians provide first-hand.

If your check engine light is on, we can define the problem quickly. Need a ride? Call us and we can help you out. Thanks for visiting Brooks Auto Doctor in Eugene. We look forward to working with you.